When the darkness swallows your sanctuary, you can still find solace in the mind.


© - kunstoph - STOPH SAUTER - 2013



© - kunstoph - STOPH SAUTER - 2013


Words are nothing, but to some, they are everything. Watch your words, for they have power over others, power that cannot be abused, for it truly can kill.

Scratch that.

Fuck tumblr. Bye.

Smoking isn’t sexy.

Just wanted to say that.
When you’re 25 and look 35, you’ll understand.
When you look like you’re melting, you’ll understand.
When you can’t run, can’t exercise, can’t do anything productive because you can’t breathe, you’ll understand.
When you’ve gained copious amounts of weight because your emotional instability has driven you to drink and smoke and sit around instead of live your life, you’ll understand.
When you realise that the people who said weed wasn’t as bad as tobacco completely lied so that they could make a quick buck, you’ll understand.
When you realise that getting high isn’t more important than going out and making friends, you’ll understand.
When you realise that letting your life amount to whatever it ends up amounting to, and you never accomplish any goals, you’ll understand.
I just won’t be there. And I’ll do my best to forget how you WANTED to go down this path. I don’t think I will.

The great part about tumblr is that no one gives a flying fuck.

I hate tumblr, but I love tumblr. Tumblr can eat hours of your time, and show you some things you’ll wish you hadn’t seen, but it is still fantastic. Everything you love, someone else on tumblr also loves it. And when you’re like me, you can post whatever the fuck you want as text, and no one cares. But it’s helpful. Whenever I’m feeling possibly emotionally compromised, I can go here, spit everything out however I want, and I will feel better. Emotions change you. I like to get out of their grasp whenever they hit. So thank you, tumblr, for being a bottomless pit of useless things that someone might care about. If you care about what I have to say, cool. If you don’t, whatever, the porn section of the site is accessible through the search bar.


‘don’t die’ Sketchbook Exhibit #140


‘don’t die’ Sketchbook Exhibit #140


By Chris Halverson.


If you think there’s gonna be trouble…

Doctor Who Series 2: The Impossible Planet



#This is pretty much Doctor who summed up in a gifset

#Laughing then intense crying

Nightmare in Silver + blue